• publish: 14 May 2020
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Peace ministry: Political differences to be soon resolved

State Ministry for Peace Affairs says political differences are to be resolved within coming days as efforts are underway to address the differences between Arg and Sapidar palace.

According to advisor to the state ministry for peace affairs Azizullah Fazli, soon after the political differences end, a powerful team will be set for the intra-Afghan dialogue and there are hopes for maintaining ceasefire during the Eid days. Currently, ceasefire is the desire of each Afghan citizen.

By arriving Eidul Fitr, there are hopes that all sides to the ongoing conflict agree on ceasefire during the coming Eid days.

Taliban will probably clarify their stance in this regard. But what Taliban wants for the ceasefire? A spokesperson to political office of the Taliban group Suhail Shaheen in Qatar in a message has said that a permanent ceasefire and intra-Afghan dialogue are part of the agenda based on agreement between the Taliban and US. Taliban wants their 5,000 prisoners released from Afghanistan prisons.

So far, Afghanistan government has released more than 1,000 Taliban prisoners, but the government has stopped releasing Taliban prisoners due to increasing of the group’s attacks on civilians and ANDSF in various parts of the country. Afghan political experts believe that ceasefire is a big test for the Taliban group. If the group could not keep its fighters for a ceasefire, it will show differences in the group and peace with this group will have no meaning.  

Without ceasefire, entering to the intra-Afghan dialogue is not possible as ceasefire is a preface for ending the ongoing war in the country and makes the peace process as strong and is a big test for all sides to ongoing war in the country. In consideration to these points, ceasefire and starting the intra-Afghan dialogue are serious need for maintaining peace in the country. Meanwhile, Afghan political experts believe that declaration of a short-term ceasefire will put no impact on situation of the country as Afghanistan needs lasting peace and ceasefire.

Therefore, it is necessary particularly for the Taliban group to stop war and violence and enter to direct negotiations with Afghanistan government. Taliban has so far said nothing about ending violence and no to ceasefire; instead, the group has increased their attacks on civilians and Afghan Defense and Security Forces in various parts of the country.

The group’s recent attacks on civilians and ANDSF show that Taliban does not believe in ending the war in the country. Increasing of Taliban attacks on civilians and ANDSF come amid of demands made by the international community in particular the people of Afghanistan for ceasefire and maintaining peace in the country.

The people of Afghanistan have suffered the continued war and violence and experienced deadly disputes for the past 42 years. They want lasting peace and stability in their country. 

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