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Police force in Kabul to be doubled

The decision comes just after a dramatic increase in assassinations and attempted assassinations in the capital which has sparked concern among residents. 

“Based on the 6:30am session plan, a study found even in a relatively stable and calm state, Kabul has the lowest number of police in proportion to the number of residents,” Saleh said.

 Saleh also said in line with the new plan the responsibility for the mountain outposts in Kabul has been handed over to the army. 

Kabul residents have raised their voices in the past few days over the high number of attacks in the capital every day and say they are having to cope with explosions and targeted shootings almost every day. While Kabul has dominated in the number of targeted attacks, the rest of the country is also dealing with the same problem. 

Just last week, Freshta Kohistani, civil society activist was assassinated in Kapisa province. On Wednesday, Yousuf Rashid, the CEO of Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA), was gunned down outside his home in Kabul in what has become a clear increase in targeted assassinations, either through the use of magnetic IEDs against vehicles or by shooting. 

This has emerged over the past few months and public figures, including civil society members, media workers and government officials appear to be the targets.