• publish: 17 August 2015
  • time: 11:58 am
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Polio vaccination starts across the country, except Kandahar where security lacks

The polio campaign has begun across the country except the restive Kandahar province where Taliban had imposed ban on vaccination.

Officials at the Ministry of Public Health say that approximately nine million children who age up to five years would be given the polio drops in this campaign.

The three-day drive kicked off on Sunday morning and according to the Ministry of Public Health 7,000 health workers and volunteers are taking part in it.

The health workers will be going from door to door in 33 provinces out of 34 and giving polio drops to children.

The drive could not be launched in Kandahar province due to security reasons.

Gulab Khan from the Ministry of Public Health told VOA news that Taliban had imposed ban on vaccination in this province from the last several months.

He said that before launching the drive in Kandahar, it was required to train volunteers.

Khan added that eight million kids who age between six months to five years will also receive Vitamin B during this drive.

He urged that every mother should cooperate with mobile teams of polio who are going to their door steps.

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