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“Political disagreement hampers distribution of e-IDs”

They also voiced concern over dismissal of their duties and said it would make people lose trust in government and increase the current crisis.

Some three months ago, the distribution office of the e-IDs decided to sack 800 of its personnel as a result of deficit in its budget.

A former clerk at the e-IDs office Wali Khan Karend, says there now is no problem in distributing the e-IDs, but political disagreement and problems has hampered the process to begin.

He furthers that whether to mention or not the names of Afghans’ ethnicity has proved to be the main cause for this delay.

Another sacked clerk of the office Assadullah Azizi also said the dismissal of these clerks will increase insecurity and migration.

Following a series of ups and downs, Afghan parliament finally proved the law of the electronic identification cards some two years ago; however, the commencement of the distribution process has seen too much delays so far, resulting in supporting countries and institutions including USAID and EU to stop their financial supports.

The sacked clerks also believe that the government is bearing a huge cost for it had spent too much for their training.

“We have compiled the data of 500,000 Kabul citizens, and we ask government to find a solution for any political disagreement over the beginning of the distribution process,” added Assadullah Azizi.

Issuing a resolution at the end of a press conference held on Tuesday by sack clerks of the e-IDs distribution office, they urged government to provide the clerks and people wishing to hold standard IDs with satisfactory reasons.

They also said if the National Unity Government should reach a right decision, it can convert the challenges into opportunities and provide its citizens with authentic documentations.