• publish: 26 August 2015
  • time: 1:35 pm
  • category: Politics
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Political issues are involved in parliamentary election delays

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) Chief Ahmad Yousuf Nuristani cited political issues as one of the main reasons involved in parliamentary elections as further delays are expected.

Speaking during a press conference, Nuristani urged not to create further barriers in holding the parliamentary elections, insisting that the elections must be kept away from the politics.

He also insisted that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) is the only authorized body to confirm the elections date.

Nuristani further added that the election commission submitted its proposal form regarding short term reforms in electoral system to President Ghani in the month of May.

This comes as Nuristani said earlier in May that the government is not prepared to conduct parliamentary election as scheduled in early October.

Speaking to lawmakers in the Lower House of the Parliament – Wolesi Jirga, Nuristani said the election commission has yet not received any feedback from the government of national unity regarding the parliamentary election after proposing 3rd October as the polling date.

He said the government is unable to bear the expenses for the election and the international community has halted funds for the election commission during the recent weeks.

In the meantime, Nuristani said today that the election commission has proposed cost reduction as part of the commission’s proposal to the government for short term reforms.

He said the commission intends to prepare the election materials from the local markets instead of importing them from outside the country, which he believes will reduce the cost.

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