• publish: 27 July 2019
  • time: 11:24 am
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Dr. Abdullah Abdullah:

position of foreign affairs ministry should never by questioned at any circumstances

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in a ceremony held Wednesday said that position of the country’s foreign affairs ministry should never by questioned at any circumstances.

In the ceremony attended by political leaders, former ministers of foreign affairs and foreign ambassadors to Kabul, chief executive said the government was representing the dignity and history of Afghanistan.

But the ministry of foreign affairs was in the first line of representing the country.
“MoFA does not depend on a particular group or tribe, therefore, its position should be respected so that it can succeed,” chief executive said, adding that strengthening of the organ is the responsibility of all.
The country’s chief executive further said that Afghanistan diplomacy has been faced with problems and changes during the past 100 years, but the principle of national interests has been enduring and stable and should be protected at any circumstances.
He added that Afghanistan needed to have good relations with the world and regional countries and the relations should be kept strong with the protection of the country’, sovereignty, independence and national interests.

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