• publish: 26 January 2021
  • time: 10:34 am
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President Ghani: Afghan-US bilateral relations entering a new phase

Addressing a cabinet meeting here on Monday at the presidential palace, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that a new chapter has been opened in Afghan-US bilateral relations after Jo Biden inaugurated as the new president.

Addressing the Cabinet, the President also said that had telephone conversations with Canadian, Norwegian, Australian PMs and NATO Secretary General and all emphasized on an independent, united and democratic Afghanistan.

“We have clear international support for Afghan peace process. We do aim lasting peace in the country and will continue such phone calls with the international partners,” President Ghani told the cabinet, adding that the US National Security Advisor made a call to Afghan National Security Advisor on his second day office which shows a new chapter has been opened in bilateral relations with US, which according to him would be continued.

“US considers Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces as its main partner,” the president said, adding that the bilateral relations would be continued based on state-to-state levels.

The president went on saying that US would review deal with Taliban and would consult with Afghan government to reach a shared roadmap. He also said that US congress has approved financial and technical supports for the Afghan forces and that the Bilateral Security Agreement would remain effective.

The president also praised 6:30 am security meetings outcomes that is being led by first Vice President Amrullah Saleh, asking all cabinet members to help implement the security charter.

Concluding his inauguration speech at the cabinet meeting, the president asked cabinet members, governors and government organs to have a clear, committed and responsible vision for consolidation of Islamic Republic system in the country.

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