• publish: 6 March 2021
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President Ghani: Pakistan must choose a right path

President Ghani during the inauguration of the third year of the 17th legislative term of the National Assembly said Pakistan should choose the “right path” and added that “let’s accept each other as two independent countries”.

He added that Constitution decides the future leaders of Afghanistan and that the transfer of power through elections is an uncompromisable principle.

President Ghani said that “we are ready to talk about a free, transparent and countrywide election under the management of the international community”.

He also assured that no decision will be taken in the absence without direct role and approval of all layers of Afghanistan, he said peace efforts require proper management and planning.

According to President Ghani, past experience showed that achieving peace is not a mere dream, achieving peace requires durability, an end to violence, and insurance of political, economic, and social stability.

Peace requires sacrifice Ghani said that he is ready to sacrifice for peace but for a peace that is not jeopardizing the achievements of the past decades and People’s interests should be seen as the sacred goal.

Ghani reiterated that no one could decide on dissolving Afghanistan’s institutions that are approved in the constitution. 

Afghans demand an end to the 42 years of war and they want peace but not peace of the graveyard, President Ghani added, that he will not let the efforts for freedom, democracy, and preservation of the system be wasted.

President Ghani also condemned the Targeted attacks and called it violence against Afghanistan’s children and bright future and they are aimed to create fear among people.

This comes as the European parliament in a statement condemned Targeted killings of innocent human rights defenders, civil society activists, journalists, and continuous violence in Afghanistan.

European parliament called for an immediate cease of violence and an end to the violence in the country in order to preserve the fundamental rights and principles of Afghanistan’s tomorrow.

Chair of the Delegation for relations with Afghanistan Petras Austrevicius stated, that “During the last months, we have seen an eruption of violence. It is very worrisome that this violence targets systematically those who contribute to an open and free society and who ensure the freedom of speech and media. Women are very often victims of these targeted attacks.”

“On behalf of the European Parliament, we condemn in the strongest terms the targeted assassinations of journalists, human rights defenders, and civil society representatives,” Austrevicius said.

“The European Parliament urges all sides to stop the violence and put in place an immediate and permanent ceasefire. We call all sides to continue the peace negotiations,” he stated.

EU parliament “insists that whatever the outcome of peace negotiations will be, a future constitution must guarantee the fundamental rights and principles of a free and open society, built upon the political, economic and social achievements of the people of Afghanistan”.

A call for a transparent and thorough investigation of targeted killings was also made in the statement.

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