• publish: 9 August 2020
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After consultative Loya Jirga approved

President Ghani sign decree to free 400 Taliban prisoners

Over 3,200 participants of Loya Jirga approved the release of 400 Taliban prisoners that paving the way for intra-Afghan talks.

President Ghani said he would sign the decree on Sunday freeing the 400 prisoners.

“We faced a choice, and our decision was made easier today,” he said.
Tribal elders, community leaders, and politicians during two days discussions urged the government to release the remaining 400 Taliban prisoners so as to move forward with intra-Afghan talks.
The delegates were split up into 50 working committees and discussed the prisoner release issue for two days. All 50 committees recommended government free the 400 controversial prisoners.
The Jirga also called for an immediate peace talks with the militants, emphasizing that the negotiations should be led by Afghans and the countries involved in Afghanistan issues, should stop meddling and supporting Taliban.
The participants also mentioned a big price Afghans paid for the ongoing war, saying they agree to release Taliban prisoners on condition of cease fire and international guarantee of the negotiations between government and the militants.
Government has released 4,600 Taliban inmates out of the 5,000 pledged in a landmark agreement signed in February by the United States-Taliban, but the release of the remaining 400 prisoners is quite difficult for them.
President Ghani has said that he could not release the last batch of Taliban prisoners without the approval of Loya Jirga, a traditional gathering of ethnic, religious, and political leaders who decide on matters of national importance.
The Taliban says it has freed all 1,000 government prisoners it had pledged in the agreement with the United States and insists on its demand for the release of the remaining 400 prisoners on its list.
Abdullah Abdullah, the Chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation, who also chairs the Loya Jirga, on Saturday told reporters that peace talks with the Taliban would start within three days of the release of the prisoners.

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