• publish: 3 August 2020
  • time: 10:16 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 14589

Pro-Taliban supporters celebrated Eid by waving Taliban flag in Tehran arrested

The Iranian authorities arrested a group of Afghans who celebrated Eid al-Adha by waving the flag of Taliban, Islamic Emirate, in a park in Tehran.

The local intelligence and police officials confirmed to local media outlets that the security forces arrested the group during an operation.

The officials further added that the individuals were arrested in connection with the publication of the pictures of Taliban flag which they had taken in Mellat Park in Tehran during Eid days.

The suspects are police custody and an investigation is underway from the detained individuals, the officials added.

“The three-day Eid ceasefire has also had a positive effect on the Taliban in Tehran, who roam freely carrying their flag and enjoy peace and tranquillity,” Aref Ahmadi, a social media user was quoted as saying in a report by Al Arabiya.

The Iranian authorities reportedly acted to detain the Taliban supporters after the images shocked Iranians on social media.

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