• publish: 7 October 2019
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Probing electoral complaints started by IECC

Afghanistan’s Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) has started probing electoral complaints in its Kabul office.

Initially, a technical team is categorizing the complaints and then they are asking the complainant and the opposite side to prove the good from the bad by providing supporting documents. Finally, the team will add their legal analysis and will refer the case file to the IECC commissioners to make a decision.

IECC is determined to invalidate non-biometric votes and order vote recount of suspicious polling centers, said Ahmad Samim Faizi, an analyst at the Kabul electoral complaints office.

He added that the IECC have access to biometric and non-biometric votes in the system and will make its assessments in this regard as well.

IECC Kabul Office has filed nearly 600 complaints regarding non-biometric votes in the capital Kabul but the complaints commission is said to have a limited access to digital data center in the Independent Election Commission (IEC).

“Generally, we can determine the number of biometrically verified votes in a polling station by using the information center and the IECC will make its decision about non-biometric votes based on the rules and regulations,” said Abdul Baseer Faiq, the Head of IECC Kabul Office.

According to officials, the IECC is investigating more than 4,500 complaints including military interference on the Election Day, vote bargaining, bribery by officials, duplicate votes, use of non-biometric fraudulent votes, and other forms of electoral fraud.

“If we receive enough proves regarding the use of non-biometric votes it will be eliminated from vote count and it will definitely affect the candidates,” said Chaman Shah Atamadi, the Chief of IECC Secretariat.

This comes as the IECC is set to settle all complaints about the Afghan presidential elections which took place on September 28 in another eight days.

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