• publish: 11 January 2016
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Protection Council urges government to convene Jirga before August

“The Council of the Protection and Stability of Afghanistan” renewed its call to government to keep within the time frame to convene the constitutional amendment Loya Jirga.

The council also pledged government its full support so that the Jirga is held on time – noting that government will lose credibility if it ends its two years in power without having convened, as agreed, the Jirga in August.

According to a political agreement inked between President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah during the formation of the National Unity Government, a Loya Jirga has to be convened within two years to amend the constitution to establish the position of a Prime Minister.

“On the basis of the political agreement signed for the formation of the National Unity Government, the legal tenure of the government ends in August. If the government fails to convene the constitutional amendment Loya Jirga, the Council of the Protection and Stability of Afghanistan is completely ready to cooperate with the government,” council spokesman Massoud Trishtwal said.

However, most council members refused to talk to the media, but a spokesman for the council announced that the holding of parliamentary and district council elections was not recommended without necessary reforms in the election system first being implemented.

“Alongside councils and meetings, we have also formulated a number of practical proposals to government which can help the government to perform better in various sectors,” another spokesman for the council, Ajmal, said.

As calls for the implementation of reforms in the nation’s election system increases, the Office of the Chief Executive Officer of Afghanistan reiterated government’s determination to go with the reforms on the basis of the political agreement.

“The government is committed to the implementation of the provision of the political agreement, but the constitutional amendment Loya Jirga will be convened – with a slight delay – due to certain problems, because before that the parliamentary and district councils elections need to be held,” Jawed Faisal, deputy spokesman to Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah said.

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