• publish: 15 May 2019
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Putin: Balance of power needed as Taliban positions are getting stronger

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has said a balance of power is needed in Afghanistan as the positions of Taliban are getting stronger.

Putin reportedly made the remarks during a meeting with the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in Russia.

“On the issue of Afghanistan, the [Russian] president and the [US] secretary of state also noted rather good cooperation between specialists of our countries. Moreover, our president noted that settlement in Afghanistan is a rather complicated issue as the process itself is difficult. At the same time, the positions of the Taliban are getting stronger.

So we need to step up cooperation and try to achieve the balance of power in this country,” presidential aide Yury Ushakov was quoted as saying in a report by Russia’s TASS News Agency.

The latest remarks by Putin came as efforts are underway to find a negotiated political settlement to end the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

A trilateral meeting between Russia, China, and United States was organized late last month in Moscow to discuss peace efforts in Afghanistan.

The participants of the meeting had called on Taliban to join talks with the Afghan authorities as soon as possible, according to TASS.


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