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Qatar agreed to run US consulate services in Afghanistan

US officials have confirmed that Qatar and the United States have reached an agreement based on which the former will be assigning a number of its embassy staff in Kabul to run consulate service for the US in Afghanistan.

Based on the agreement, Qatari staff will be operating as US political office in Kabul a step that is vital for Washington to engage with Kabul.

The bilateral agreement will be in effect from December 31 this year and the office will be assigned to create coordination between the US department of state and the US political agency in Qatar.

In the meantime, the US will continue to engage with the Taliban in their political office in the Qatari capital Doha.

No country has so far recognized the Taliban’s interim government though, this step is taken in order to engage with the de-facto authorities in Kabul so as to address humanitarian challenges in Afghanistan.

Earlier, US special representative for Afghanistan Thomas West had said the US has held consultation over a road map to recognize the Taliban.

Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has repeatedly said that they have fulfilled all the prerequisites for recognition and that the world must now come forward and engage with them.