• publish: 21 September 2021
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Recently, sales of cheap, low-quality fuel increased on Kabul streets

In recent weeks, the number of people selling petrol on Kabul streets has increased dramatically.

The price of each liter of petrol is cheaper by 10 Afs than fuel sold at regular stations. 

The sellers say it is Iranian petrol, and they do not know how the petrol enters Afghanistan.

The price of each liter of petrol on the streets is around 54 Afs, while each liter of petrol at a Kabul station sells for 70 Afs.

“We buy this oil from Deh Sabz at 52 Afs and then sell at 54 Afs. It is said to be Iranian oil,” said Mohammad Zakarya, who sells the petrol on the streets. 

“A week ago, we bought each liter for 47 Afs and now we buy at 52 Afs. They said custom taxes increased, said another petrol seller, named Fazl.

Kabul motorists said they buy this petrol because of its cheaper price in spite of its low quality. Gul Mohammad said: “This is cheap but it is not good for our engines.”

Despite reports that the petrol comes illegally into the country, officials from the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCA) have not commented on the issue.

“The economic situation is ruined. Everyone tries to work. I have no exact information about how the fuel comes to Afghanistan,” said Mohammad Younus Mohmand.

Due to sanctions imposed on Iran by the West, Afghan businessmen in recent years have faced challenges buying fuel from Iran legally, so the illegal trade for many seems the only option

Kabul residents urged the caretaker government to control the price of fuel in the Kabul market.

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