• publish: 19 November 2020
  • time: 3:17 pm
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Reducing US troops in Afghanistan is a big lie

Reducing US troops is a lie that sometimes appears fat and sometimes skinny.

Reducing American soldiers in Afghanistan is an unreal lie that sometimes looking at the air and policy space of a political team becomes fatter and sometimes skinny.

Spread the map of Asia in front of your eyes; on a computer page or paper map; in the land pen, it is the fate of military presence outside the US border. If he leaves this position to Iran and Russia, he will be strategic self-distress.

The official unity of the US between Taliban and Pakistan is a great back breaking danger for Afghanistan, but experience has shown that this alliance with Afghanistan’s resistance can be changed again.

Afghanistan’s peace and war is not in the siege of America and Pakistan; more than ten countries are involved in this conflict.

Source: Afghanistanreports   

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