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Regional countries emphasize on resume of US-Taliban peace negotiations

In second unofficial meeting of presidents of Central Asian countries once more emphasize was laid on ties and establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

During his tour to Afghanistan, the US president Donald Trump said that Taliban showed their readiness for peace accord. This assertion of the US president is welcomed by a number of world countries.
They lay emphasize on continuation of peace talks of Afghanistan.
Foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmoud Quraishi in his fresh tweet welcomed from continuation of negotiations with Taliban and writes that Pakistan is optimist on president Trump trend for continuation of political agreement in Afghanistan through negotiation with Taliban.
Foreign minister of Pakistan has emphasized that it is a positive achievement that helps establish peace in Afghanistan as well as regional stability.
Similarly, in second unofficial meeting of presidents of Central Asian countries once more emphasize was laid on ties and establishment of peace and stability in Afghanistan.
In this meeting president of Uzbekistan Shaukat Mir Ziayof, Kazakhstan Prime Minister Nursultan Nazarbayev and president of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan also laid emphasize on continuation of peace negotiations on Afghanistan.
At this meeting, president of Uzbekistan said that all countries of central Asia are demanding for exacerbation of international efforts for the solution of conflicts in Afghanistan.
He added that hereafter, we render further assistance to the people of Afghanistan and expand regional initiatives and common infrastructural programs for this country.
President of Uzbekistan continued that we are confident that these measures provide the possibility for establishment of condition needed for promotion of peaceful process and certifying of Afghanistan situation and rehabilitation of this country.
But the experts in political affairs believe the efforts of regional and world countries in connection with peace process in Afghanistan stem from searching of their own privileges.
A political expert, Amir Mohammad says that the people of Afghanistan are thirsty of peace and any voice that brings peace is welcoming by them. But the US with its international and regional partners should reach on an agreement about peace in Afghanistan. Because, till the agreement on peace in Afghanistan not to be reached among regional countries and great world powers, it is impossible the ongoing war be ended in Afghanistan.
MP, Nasseri in the connection said despite since 19 years to date, the leading body of government is resorting to various means for bringing peace in the country but unfortunately, numerous issues prevent the peace process in Afghanistan.
He laid emphasize one of the reasons that these efforts not to be reached to a result is non cooperation of neighboring countries especially Pakistan in this process. Because, the government of Pakistan tiame and again had its own commitments in the connection but unfortunately had no any practical measure in the respect.
So, it is necessary the international community to exert political pressure more on this country so that this country to take honest and practical steps for ensuring peace in Afghanistan.
The witnesses believe Afghanistan is a country that invaded more by its neighbors and these countries are meddling in domestic affairs of Afghanistan and through their sabotages any kind of efforts made for reaching to peace in Afghanistan is failed. But, they should know that if peace and stability be maintained in Afghanistan, no doubt, it would cause peace and stability in the region and the world.
Likewise, the witnesses believe till all stakeholders in Afghan crisis not to show interest to peace negotiation no effort to be reached to a result.
They say that if the host of negotiation be the government of Afghanistan and political parties, no doubt, it would bring positive result. Because, Afghans themselves know with national unity, they would succeed over all challenges and problems.
This is in a time that so far, the efforts are made for bringing peace in Afghanistan by government and other nations from among them, the US, China, and Russia, no positive result has been achieved in connection with ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

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