• publish: 28 August 2020
  • time: 3:30 pm
  • category: Politics
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Religious scholars demand role in govt affairs

Religious scholars on Friday claimed the government was intentionally not giving them part in governance.

The scholars held a gathering in Kabul,  in which hundreds of people participated.

They lashed out at the government for what they said unwilling to give them their rights.

Mualvi Khanjari, one of the speakers, said the government wanted to cause harm to religious scholars at the behest of outsiders.

Another speaker, Zafruddin, said religious scholars would never allow anyone to trample on their rights.

Afghanistan peace ambassador Haji Hamid Sultani was also present at the gathering and said the government was incomplete in the absence of ulema.

He said it were religious scholars who guided people from birth to death.

He said the government strongly believed in democracy and scholars were a major part of the system.

Religious scholar Abdul Fatah Ibrahimi insisted the government should give part them in its leadership and should avoid creating hurdles in the way of the peace process.

Former lawmaker Haji Khial Mohammad Hussaini said a government which ignored religious scholars had always fallen.

He said the government should not blindly trust those born abroad or those whose wives lived abroad.

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