• publish: 28 November 2019
  • time: 2:52 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 11438

Road side bomb in Kunduz left 15 killed

Fifteen people were killed in a roadside bomb attack in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz province Wednesday.

At least 15 Afghan civilians, including six women and eight children, were killed when their vehicle hit a roadside bomb in northern Kunduz province.

Officials say families were on their way to a wedding party when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device.

Siddik Siddiki said the bomb was detonated as a civilian vehicle was passed it, Anadolou reported.

He claimed the bomb was placed by the Taliban. 

The provincial governor, Abdul Jabar Naeemi, said the area where the incident happened is controlled by the Taliban, whom he blamed for the tragedy.

The Taliban has not yet issued a statement about the attack.

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