• publish: 13 January 2021
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Ross Wilson denies US advocacy for interim gov’t

Ross Wilson, the U.S ambassador to Afghanistan said that the interim government is not advocated for Afghanistan and that the Afghans need to accelerate the peace negotiations in Doha, Qatar.

The US Chargé d’Affaires tweeted on Wednesday, that “We have not advocated, and the United States is not advocating, an interim government. The outcomes of Afghanistan Peace Negotiations are up to Afghans & we believe those outcomes should reflect the wishes & aspirations of the Afghan people.”

He emphasized that the U.S will remain committed and called for an immediate reduction of violence and ceasefire in Afghanistan.

“Bringing about an end to the conflict in Afghanistan through a political settlement that ensures this country remains sovereign, unified and democratic, is at peace with itself and its neighbors and can preserve gains made over the last 19 years.” He also added.

He indicated that he and Zalmay Khalilzad the US peace representative have continually talked and “will continue to talk with Afghans about the need to accelerate the talks in Doha and solicited from those we have met their ideas, as well as their concerns.”

He encouraged the process of peace negotiations in Doha and said that “The first phase of Afghanistan peace negotiations in Doha constituted an important step forward, but much remains to be done,” and “the US remains firm in its call for an immediate reduction of violence and ceasefire,”.

Rumors about the establishment of an interim government as a result of the peace process have been opposed by President Ghani.

Taliban have not yet commented based on the interim-government establishment.

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