• publish: 13 July 2019
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Russia, US, China, Pakistan call for immediate start of intra-Afghan negotiations

Russia, China, the US and Pakistan are calling for an immediate start of large-scale intra-Afghan negotiations on achieving national reconciliation in Afghanistan, the joint statement by the aforementioned states signed on the outcomes of the talks held in Beijing on July 10-11 informs.

“The four sides called for relevant parties to grasp the opportunity for peace and immediately start intra-Afghan negotiations between the Taliban (radical movement outlawed in Russia – TASS), Afghan government, and other Afghans,” the document states.

The sides reaffirmed that the talks must be “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned”, agreeing that the negotiations must “produce a peace framework as soon as possible.” “This framework should guarantee the orderly and responsible transition of the security situation and detail an agreement on a future inclusive political arrangement acceptable to all Afghans,” the four-party statement stresses. Russia, China, the US and Pakistan also encourage all conflict parties “to take steps to reduce violence leading to a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire that starts with intra-Afghan negotiations.”

“The four sides agreed to maintain the momentum of consultation, will invite other important stakeholders to join on the basis of the trilateral consensus agreed on April 25, 2019 in Moscow, and this broader group will meet when intra-Afghan negotiations start. The date and venue for the next consultation will be agreed upon through diplomatic channels,” the statement informs.

Russia, the US, China and Pakistan also welcomed the recent intra-Afghan meetings held in Moscow and Doha. The sides welcomed Pakistan to the negotiating process. “China, Russia, and the United States welcomed Pakistan joining the consultation and believe that Pakistan can play an important role in facilitating peace in Afghanistan. Pakistan appreciated the constructive efforts by the China-Russia-US trilateral consultation on the Afghan peace process,” the document says.

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