• publish: 28 December 2020
  • time: 4:02 pm
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Salang officials cautiously reopen mountain Pass after 42-hour closure

Salang Pass authorities said midday Monday that they have managed to reopen Salang Pass after heavy snowstorms hit the area over the weekend.

According to the Salang Pass Maintenance Authority graders were able to start clearing the road at about 4am on Monday after the pass was closed to traffic on Sunday due to a heavy storm.  

However extremely cold conditions prevail in the area and daytime temperatures on Monday plummeted to -22 degrees Celsius. According to authorities, at least 95cm of snow had built up on the ground in the northern parts of the pass and 50cm in the south.  

The snow storm cleared up on Sunday in the northern parts and it started subsiding Monday in the south, authorities said.  Officials said no snow has been predicted for the next 24 hours.  

However, motorists have been cautioned against traveling unless entirely necessary as authorities are still clearing parts of the pass.  “Dear compatriots and respected drivers are asked to be safe when crossing the highway. Equipped with winter tools and equipment, use full caution and pay attention to the guidance of Salang officials,” officials said.  

Last week the authority called on all drivers using the pass to ensure their vehicles were properly equipped to deal with the conditions and to ensure they had tyre chains.

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