• publish: 9 September 2020
  • time: 8:44 am
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Saleh: peace with Taliban doesn’t mean surrender to group

First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh rejected any compromise with the Taliban, saying that sitting with the group for peace talks doesn’t meant to surrender to their wills and ideas.

He said that the people want to live with their enemy under a peaceful umbrella.

Saleh who was speaking Tuesday in a gathering on the occasion of the martyr’s week, said that the government of Afghanistan would bravely tell the people’s wills to the Taliban.

“We will make Taliban understand that the republic is not a system for a few people, but it belongs to the people in 34 provinces who have given sacrifices.”

Saleh said that the government of Afghanistan and Taliban would not surrender to each other, so the best way to resolve the problems would be to respect people’s votes.

He called on Taliban to prove their stance in the society through people’s votes.

Former Vice President, Mohammad Karim Khalili also said that talks with the Taliban would not mean surrendering to the group.

He clarified that the people of Afghanistan would not go back to the “dark era” of Taliban’s rule.Share

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