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Saleh thanks Afghans, international community for their support following attack

Following the failed assassination attempt on his life, Afghanistan’s First Vice President Amrullah Saleh on Thursday thanked his fellow countrymen, the international community, and the security forces for their support and solidarity.

In a message posted to Twitter early Thursday, Saleh said: “My fellow Afghns, thnks 4 your support & solidarity. Our foreign friends, thnks for standing on the right side of history.”

To the families of the victims who lost their lives in the deadly roadside bombing in Kabul that targeted his convoy, he said: “Grieving families, I owe you all something that can’t be explained by words. I will visit all of you.”

He also thanked the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and said he “salutes” them for “standing tall and proud”. 

Saleh escaped the explosion with only minor injuries but at least 10 people, mostly civilians, were killed in the explosion and dozens wounded. 

Soon after the attack, Saleh issued a video recording on social media and said: “Me and my younger son, who was also with me, are fine.”

“I have slight burns on my face and hand from the wave of the blast. I don’t have exact details right now, but I apologize to those who suffered casualties and those who lost their property in the attack.”

The attack happened in Taimani, in the heart of Kabul, where many small shops sell gas bottles. 

As a result of the explosion, a number of shops caught fire as gas bottles exploded – causing even further damage to houses and businesses in the area. 

After the attack, President Ashraf Ghani met with Saleh and said that the “terrorists and their foreign backers cannot undermine the people’s strong faith in peace, democracy, and the bright future of our country.”

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed said the explosion “had nothing to do” with the Taliban. 

Saleh, who served as the country’s former intelligence chief, is staunchly patriotic and a vocal critic of the Taliban. He has also survived several attempts on his life. 

But this latest attempt came just one day after Al Arabiya broadcast an interview with the vice president who said in his opinion the Taliban was a deviated group in the context of the country’s history. 

He also said in respect of hoped-for peace talks that the Taliban lacks a manifest and all they know “is a gun in their hand looking at your forehead. The moment they put down that gun, what other skill do they have to be used in society?”

However, late Wednesday, Afghanistan’s acting minister of interior, Massoud Andarabi, said preliminary test results indicate the type of explosive material used in the IED against Saleh’s convoy was commonly used by Haqqani Network. 

Andarabi said reports indicate RDX-HMX + Nitroglycerin was used. 

He said the nature of the material and the attack are similar to other attacks that Haqqani Network has claimed responsibility for in the past.

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