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Salma Dam in Herat inaugurated by Afghan and Indian leaders


Situated on the upper reaches of Hari Rud River in Herat province, Salma Dam project involved construction of a 107.5 meter high earth and rock–fill dam and a 42 MW power house with three units of 14 MW each. It also has a provision for releasing water for irrigation of 75,000 hectares of land.

The reservoir water spreads about 20 km in length and 3.7 km in width. The gross capacity of the Dam is 633 million m3. The height of the Dam is 104.3 Mt, length 540 Mt and width at the bottom is 450 Mt.

At over $275 million, Salma Dam is the most expensive of India’s infrastructure projects in the region.

The availability of power and water through the project will lead to the overall economic development of the western region of Afghanistan. It will address the energy requirements and irrigation needs of western Afghanistan.

The project is located 165 km east of Herat town and connected with earthen road. Due to security reasons Indian engineers and technicians involved with the project have been reaching the site once in a month by helicopter service provided by Government of Afghanistan.

All equipment and material were transported from India to Bander-e-Abbas port of Iran via sea and then along 1200 km by road from there to Islam Kila border post at Iran-Aghanistan border and then further 300 km by road from the border post to the site. Cement, steel reinforcement, explosives etc. were imported to Afghanistan from neighboring countries.

“Afghanistan & India have long and continued relations & today millions of ties bind our nations together,” President Ghani said in his speech during the inauguration ceremony of the dam.

President Ghani further added “Today with your help a long standing dream of Afghanistan has been realized after 40 years.” Khaama press wrote.

Thanking the Afghan government for renaming the dam to Afghan-India Friendship Dam, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a region will be enlightened with the launch of the project and will give hope to its residents.

Modi further added that the dam will not only generate electricity but will create optimisms and trust among the Afghan people.

He said the dam will enlighten 250,000 homes and will irrigate 640 villages in Heart province.

According to Modi, the Afghan and Indian people had envisioned the project in 1970s but the project has been completed after the country went through decades of war and conflict.