• publish: 17 July 2019
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Second intra-Afghan peace meeting holds in 6 weeks

Officials from the country’s National Security Council (NSC) has announced that the second intra-Afghan peace meeting is expected to be held in the next six weeks.

However, the exact time and place for the meeting is not still clear, as coordination and arrangement of some related issues needed enough times.
About the meeting of the National Security Advisor, Dr. Hamdullah Mohib with the German ambassador to Kabul, the NSC spokesman, Kabir Haqmal in a briefing with media said work were going on the exact time and place of the intra-Afghan peace meeting and the exact number of the participants. “The meeting would be held in the next six weeks.”
The assertions come after the first intra-Afghan dialogue was held in Doha of Qatar, where political figures of various stratum have attended.
Haqmal said there were some consideration in the first meeting, the prevention of which would make the next process of the peace process fruitful.
“Prevention of tough debate which happened in the first meeting, arranging order among the speakers and at taking in mind the meeting members and who should attend the dialogue are one of the agendas should be focused on,” said the spokesman adding the first meeting was very well and welcomed at the national and international level.
Previously, representatives from U.S., China, Russia and Pakistan, in Beijing meeting, have jointly asked the Taliban to enter a peace dialogue with the government, but the group is not so far ready for peace with the government representatives.
Navid Elham, a political analyst praised the first meeting held with the Taliban representatives in Qatar capital Doha, as an intra-Afghan dialogue and said the encounter was also welcomed at the national and international level.
He said the next meeting, if directly held between the government and the Taliban would be more fruitful.
“Being the process an intra-Afghan dialogue, would make the Afghans hopeful for the next meeting and the process should be national and attended by the Afghans themselves and the result should be shared with the people,” said the analyst.
Ali Rahmani another Afghan analyst also said that if the U.S. wanted peace restored in Afghanistan, it should force the Taliban to hold talks directly with the government.
“No peace would be effective, unless the main side was the government representatives,” said the analyst.

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