• publish: 6 August 2015
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Pakistani Officials:

Second round of peace talks to be held soon

Afghan government officials and Taliban representatives are set to meet again for a second round of peace talks in the near future, Pakistani officials confirmed.

The second round of Peace Talks was set to be held last Friday but postponed due to the death of Taliban Leader, Mullah Omar.

Pakistan has recently issued a formal statement that the next round of peace talks will be held soon.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister special envoy in world affairs emphasized that his country is committed for a peaceful Afghanistan.

Pakistan is key to the process because of its historic ties to the Afghan Taliban leaders, who have used the Pakistan border region as a safe heaven.

The Taliban has not officially commented on the announcement regarding the second round of talks. Key leaders of the Islamist insurgency are alleged to be sheltering in Pakistan and to have links to the neighboring country’s spy agency.

Pakistan hosted first round of peace talk between Kabul and Taliban insurgents on July 7.It was a step towards ending more than 13 years of war in Afghanistan, in which the Taliban have been fighting the government.

“The second round will be more substantive and detailed,” the senior government official said. But another official cautioned about raising “the expectations bar too high.”

The official said that efforts were being made to persuade the Taliban to send more senior representatives to the talks. “If this happens, the Afghan government would also raise the level of their delegation,” they said.

In the first round of talks, the Afghan government was represented by Hekmat Khalil Karzai, the deputy foreign minister, and the Taliban delegation was led by Mullah Abbas Durrani.

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