• publish: 13 April 2020
  • time: 1:24 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 13444

Security forces purge Jawzjan’s Khomaab district, kill 25 Taliban rebels

Khomaab district of northern Jawzjan province has cleared of the Taliban militants, security official said on Sunday. At least 25 Taliban rebels were killed in clearing operation, the official added.

Afghan areal forces targeted Taliban positions in Bosa Agha and Bozariq in Khomaab district, which as result most part of Khomaab district cleared from the insurgents, said 209 Shaheen Spokesman, Hanif Reazaie in a statement.

He said that 25 Taliban militants were killed and 17 others wounded and their strongholds terminated during crackdown in the district. Enough weapons and ammunition of the Taliban were also destroyed in the area, he noted.

While rejected the Taliban’s claim regarding civilian casualties in the area, he said that the Taliban trying to hide their defeat behind such propaganda.

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