• publish: 9 October 2019
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Senate not supporting any electoral ticket

Afghan senators said on Tuesday that the Independent Election Commission (IEC) is the only authorized institution to announce the final results of the presidential elections and the senate house does not support any electoral ticket.

Speaking at the general session of the House, Fazel Hadi Muslimyar the Chairman of Afghanistan’s Senate, who recently threatened the election commission to count non-biometric votes, said that the IEC should tackle fraud and its legitimate decision should be respected by all.

Mr. Muslimyar, a front-row supporter of President Ashraf Ghani’s “State-Builder” team, claimed that the House stays neutral in election affairs and does not support any electoral team.

He further said that the votes and the will of the people would pick the new president.

“We support the electoral commission’s legal decisions and the Senate has no worries in this regard. We call on the commissions to ensure justice and stand against fraud. The Senate does not support any electoral team but stands against anyone involved in voter fraud. We support any decision the commissions make,” Mr. Muslimyar emphasized.

Meanwhile, Afghan senator Mohammad Alizai called on presidential candidates Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah to let the IEC to announce the final election results.

“Neither Ghani nor Abdullah own our votes. We all have cast our votes by giving sacrifices and with the costs of our blood; therefore, we will not let anyone to deal with our polls because votes are not cast for political games,” Mr. Alizai said.

Daud Ghaffari, another senate member warned that if IEC fails to bring transparency the country will go toward a crisis.

“People’s vote will determine the next president and the will of the people must be respected,” he further said.

The latest remarks by the members of the Upper House of Parliament come after last week Chairman of Afghanistan’s senate warned that the will force IEC leadership to count non-biometric votes.

His comments caused roars until Mr. Muslimyar was forced to apologize for using the language of force against the IEC that he said today should be respected.

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