• publish: 21 November 2015
  • time: 6:22 pm
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Several MoUs signed between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan

Several Memorandum of Understandings were signed between Afghanistan and Kazakhstan during President Ashraf Ghani’s visit to the country.

President Ghani heading a high-level delegation in his trip to Kazakhstan met with his Kazak counterpart with whom he insisted on expanding of military, political and economic ties.

The major agenda discussion was on improving of culture relationships, combating Natural disasters and expanding of mutual business between two countries.

Insisting on boosting ties, both the presidents have also signed some Memorandum of Understandings that according which, Kazakhstan will provide Afghan students with some scholarships and help Afghan government in combating terrorism and Counter Narcotics activities.

During the meeting, Kazak President Nursultan Nazarbayov said that the signed memorandum will provide both countries with suitable political environment.

He further said “There is no such thing as good terrorists, they don’t recognize any culture and we should fight against it jointly.”

He went on to say that Kazakhstan has always been supporting Afghanistan in international summits.

Afghan Minister of Information and Culture in his turn also expressed his appreciation for Kazakhstan cooperation in providing Afghan students with educational scholarships and said “Afghanistan is also ready for cultural cooperation.”

Minister of Government in reviewing the Natural disaster Wais Barmak said,” the following memorandum of understanding which has been signed will improve our capacity to respond immediately to the disaster.”

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