• publish: 16 July 2019
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Sexual Harassments, this time not in ARG but in Wakhan in Badakhshan

An Australian tourist was sexually harassed by Abdul Maruf Khairkha, the district governor of northern Badakhshan’s Wakhan district.

Nek Mohammad Nazari, a spokesman for the governor’s office of Badakhshan province confirmed that they received a complaint letter from the victim 20 days ago. The victim had submitted the letter to the border police forces. 
Nazari said that the district governor of Wakhan Abdul Maruf Khairkha allegedly harassed an Australian woman after she arrived in Wakhan district from Tajikistan.

According to him, a delegation has been tasked by the provincial government to investigate the issue, promising that the outcome of the probe will be shared with the people once it is completed. 
“Abdul Maruf Khairkha has been suspended until the delegation complete its investigations,” the spokesman added.

The series of government’s sexual scandals have now reached the farthest part of the country while the issue of sexual favors in Arg has not been solved yet. 
A few weeks ago, a former aide to Ashraf Ghani Habibullah Ahmadzai revealed sexual favors within the Arg. 
He had said that some female members of the House of Representatives came to the parliament through sexual bribery.

Earlier this week, BBC released a report, in which women complained from high-level officials, including a member of the cabinet as well as one of the close aides to Ashraf Ghani, claiming that a cabinet minister and one of the close aides to Mr Ghani have asked them for sexual favors in return to doing their legal demands.

Contrary to the usual process in the world, the charged individuals continue their works as adviser or minister in the Arg while at least they must be suspended. 
The crisis of sexual harassment has now reached the farthest parts of the country, which it will make the work harder for the government led by Ashraf Ghani, especially when Ashraf Ghani is a candidate of the presidential elections.

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