• publish: 18 October 2021
  • time: 8:41 pm
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Shir Abbas Stankezai slams current Taliban regime face, Pakistan interfere

Shir Abbas Stankezai a leading face in Taliban negotiating team with the U.S has opposed the current Taliban regime face and direct interfere of Pakistan in forming the government process, according to sources.

Sources told CNN 18 news that Shir Abbas Stanekzai who left Qatari Capital on Sunday for Dubai has opposed the current face of the Taliban regime and the interfere Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence is making in forming a government.

Stanekzai who signed the peace pact with the U.S from the Taliban side in early 2020 has said in clear terms to his fellow members that the group’s managing global diplomatic expectations is becoming demanding.    

Sources added that members of the Taliban negotiating team have been marginalized by Haqqani network in the interim government, and that is why the key posts have been taken by Haqqani members who enjoy Pakistan’s wide support and don’t intend to from an inclusive government.

Taliban has been under strict pressure from international community to form an inclusive government, respect human rights especially women’s rights and prevent Afghanistan from being a safe haven again for terror groups.

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