• publish: 13 April 2019
  • time: 10:56 am
  • category: Politics
  • No: 7754

The foundation stone of Imam Abu Hanifa Congregational Mosque laid by Ghani in Faryab

During a ceremony in northern Faryab Province, president Ghani laid the foundation stone of Imam Abu Hanifa Congregational Mosque.

Addressing the gathering, the president said “Masjids were the house of Allah and the place of submission to the god and we are committed to practice the instruction of Allah.

He said in more than 20 provinces of the country, there were not congregational mosques available and during a country wide program this was instructed that congregational mosques should be constructed in these provinces.

“I congratulate the people of Faryab for construction of the mosque.”

According to the president construction of the two-story masjid would go on, by the Arg operational unit and the cash saved by the National Procurement.

The president added the second floor would be prepared for the women prayers.

The building of the mosque would be constructed in two story at an area of 713.3 square meter with the simultaneous capacity of 2,000 prayers.

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