• publish: 3 January 2022
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SIGAR: Taliban new restrictions on women are challenging

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) reacted to recent Islamic Emirate policy that put more restrictions on women.

This is as a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) which said that the Islamic Emirate had restricted women and girls’ sports activities and access to medical services.

Last week, the Ministry of Virtue and Vice wrote a letter recommending that unaccompanied women (Muharram) should not go to sports and health centers.

The US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction reacted to the restrictions on women’s sports activities.

“According to Human Rights Watch, there have been a number of concerning reports, including: Taliban bans on women’s sports, limited women’s access to health care due to Taliban rules requiring women to be chaperoned by a man,” SIGAR said.

Meanwhile, a number of female athletes in the country say the new restrictions are very challenging for them.

In the meantime, officials of the Taliban Ministry of Virtue and Vice said that such rules are not restrictions but protection for the women and girls of the country.

“This is not a restriction, but provides protection and dignity to women,” said Mawlawi Mohammad Sadiq Aakef, spokesman for the Taliban Ministry of Virtue and Vice.

Following the imposition of restrictions on women, Human Rights Watch (HRW) called 2021 the worst year for women in Afghanistan, and the State Department appointed Rina Amiri as the US Special Envoy for Women, Girls, and Human Rights in Afghanistan.

The Islamic Emirate insists that the rights of all people, including women, are protected under Islamic law.

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