• publish: 31 October 2021
  • time: 1:38 pm
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SISTAN; First Taliban publication debuts in Farah

Taliban officials in southwestern Farah province say their first monthly publication debuted; its title is SISTAN, referring to an older name for this part of Afghanistan.

Molavi Imamuddin Sadiq head of Farah cultural and information state-run organization told Raha Press reporter on Sunday that they debuted their first monthly publication by the title of SISTAN.

The title of the publications refers to an older name for southwestern part of Afghanistan which is also stretched to parts of Iran. Iran has also a province named SISTAN and Baluchistan.  

The publication will be run by Farah local cultural and information organization, said Imamuddin Sadiq adding that it will cover news and essays about historical traces of Afghanistan and introduction of prominent scientific and cultural figures of Afghanistan.

The news of such publication from Taliban comes amid reports of harsh condition on Afghan media who are struggling to survive economically and are concerned of the security threats.

According to a report by Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, at least 200 Afghan different media have suspended their activities since the Taliban took over the country.   

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