• publish: 14 October 2017
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Experts: Stability of Afghanistan in the benefit of SCO members

The meeting of SCO contact group was held in Moscow and discussed Daesh threats, war on extremism and Afghanistan related security, economic issues. 

SCO knows well that stability of Afghanistan is in advantage of its members.

Addressing SCO meeting as an opportunity for Afghanistan, a number of lawmakers and experts in their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter expressed their opinions as following:

Lawmaker Hashimi said, it’s a good opportunity to Afghanistan to draw the attention of regional countries to war on terror, security threats and improving of regional stability.

He emphasized that in our believe SCO meeting would and can help Afghanistan to achieve its goals and the NUG considers effective the role of Russia and China in improving of regional security and economic development as China has contributed a lot in various fields with Afghanistan.

Experts believe that China is seeking its interests in Afghanistan and due to this reason is concerned on influence of ISIL in this country. The SCO member countries can play vital and effective role for restoration of stability in Afghanistan and should resist against ISIL threats in this region.

Political expert Mohammad Eqbal said, no doubt security in Afghanistan causes improvement of regional, global situation. So SCO members should seriously follow Afghanistan security and help this war-ravaged land to achieve reliable peace.

He added, Afghanistan has been damaged more than others due to terrorist activities and despite of over 16 years strong presence of the world community, this country is every day suffering casualties and damages of terror groups including ISIL and its innocent people are being victimized.

At the same time, a number of citizens being concerned on ISIL threat, said ISIL is a global threat and Afghanistan alone cannot fight it and this war requires global collective reaction.

Ferdaus a lecturer at one of the private universities said, due to its geopolitical location, Afghanistan has been facing always with threats.

Insecurity in this country leaves unpleasant impacts on regional situation. So SCO members should not leave Afghanistan alone in war on terror.

Touching the undeniable role of this country in regional security system, he added, changes take place in this country, would play key role in regional geopolitical system and Afghanistan direct presence in SCO meeting could be a good opportunity for discussion and exchange of views on regional problems and countering threats specially ISIL.

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