• publish: 17 November 2015
  • time: 1:10 pm
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Students who staged protest in Nangarhar against government detained

Afghan security forces have detained about 27 students from Nangarhar University who were involved in staging a protest last Sunday in which terror group’s flags were raised and anti-government slogs were chanted.

On 10th of November, a large number of university students in eastern Nangarhar province of Afghanistan staged a protest and shouted slogans against the government of Afghanistan while having the flags of Taliban, Islamic State and Al-Qaeda on their hands.

The protesters torn the flag of Afghanistan and were shouting ‘Long Live Islamic Caliphate’ and ‘Death to Republic’.

On the condition of anonymity, a security source from Afghan spy agency said,” the operation was launched last night and continued till three o’clock in the morning”.

He says the 27 students who were detained are the master-mind of the protest and currently investigations are underway.

Babrak Miakhail, the dean of the Nangarhar University confirmed the detention of 27 students by Afghan security forces said,” the details about the suspects will be revealed later”.

According to the reports Afghan President has ordered this operation after the National Security Council held on Monday.

Earlier, reports emerged about existence of extremist views in a number of students in Afghanistan, but now it is getting serious.

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