• publish: 8 February 2016
  • time: 9:40 am
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Suicide attack on Afghan Army kills three soldiers

A suicide car bomber attacked on an Afghan National Army minibus on Monday morning in Northern Balkh province, as a result of which three Army soldiers embraced martyrdom.

(Updated) Local officials say the incident took place at around 8 AM this morning in Nawabad area near Mazar-i-Sharif.

The bomber detonated his car explosives when an Afghan National Army minibus was approaching the area.

In the incident, three Army soldier embraced martyrdom and 18 others were wounded.

Officials say all the victims of the incident are Afghan Army soldiers and that the wounded were immediately taken to a nearby military hospital.

“Three of the wounded are in critical condition.” An official said.

Taliban has taken the responsibility of the attack.

The attacks comes amid recent increased efforts by Afghanistan government and a few other countries to bring Taliban to the table of negotiations.

Last night, Ahmad Shakib Mustaghni a spokesperson for the Afghan ministry of foreign affairs told reporters that the stalled peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban is expected to resume in late February and the efforts to bring them (Taliban) to the table has already begun.

Earlier a top US military commander also said the despite growing insurgency by Taliban in Afghanistan, there are evidences indicating that Taliban is willing to join the peace efforts.

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