• publish: 14 July 2015
  • time: 11:53 am
  • category: Security&Crime
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suspect arrested for raping and killing 3-year-old child in Kabul

A suspect has been arrested over brutal rape and murder of a 3-year-old child in capital Kabul, the security officials said Tuesday.

Kabul police chief Gen. Abdul Rahman Rahimi informed regarding the arrest of the suspect during a press conference in Kabul today.

The 3-year-old boy was abducted, raped and brutally killed by a group of people and his dead body was left in a ruined place in 8th police district of Kabul city.

The issue was first shared during a general session of the lawmakers in the Lower House of Parliament – Wolesi Jirga earlier this week.

A lawmaker Abdul Rauf Inami said the child was brutally tortured as signs of torture were clearly seen on his body.

According to Inami, the child had lost his teeth because the gang used stones to repeatedly hit on his face and head.

This comes as sexual abuse and rape of children have been rampant in Afghanistan, specifically in northern parts of the country during the recent months.

According to a government survey, around 65 rape case were recorded in six provinces last year where child rape happens more frequently.

The survey covered incidents recorded between March and September last year where incidents on children as young as 1-year-old to 13-year-old were reported raped.

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