• publish: 2 March 2019
  • time: 4:34 pm
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Andarabi Warns Police

Take Responsibility or Resign

Maj. Gen. Massoud Andarabi, the acting minister of interior affairs, Maj. Gen. Massoud Andarabi warned senior police officers to “strictly” act against crimes in Kabul and other provinces or resign from their posts.

Speaking at an event on “Armed Forces Day” on Saturday, he pointed at a number of cases of stabbing and car robbery in Kabul on Friday night and said such cases must stop and that they are not belonged to “high circles”.

Andarabi, who took office on February 11, replacing Amrullah Saleh, said all police authorities should work for ensuring security and justice for the people.

“Take this responsibility or resign,” he warned.

He said fighting corruption, and criminals law violators are a principle of the ministry.

“The Ministry of Interior Affairs has the mission to fight against corruption, organized crimes, and bullying,” he said.

This comes after the ministry released a list of 12 wanted criminals and said they are involved in different crimes.

A statement by the Ministry of Interior Affairs released on Saturday reads that six suspects were arrested on charges of drug trafficking in Kunduz.

Other statement says that a suspect who wanted to kidnap a 12-year-old boy was arrested in Imam Sahib district in Kunduz.

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