• publish: 5 July 2021
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Taliban: All foreign troops must leave Afghanistan by deadline

Stating that all foreign troops must leave Afghanistan, Taliban Spokesman said that if foreign troops failed to leave Afghanistan in an agreed deadline, they would be considered as occupying forces.

Speaking in an interview with BBC on Monday, Suhail Shaheen said that Taliban are not seeking military occupation of Kabul, but no foreign troops, including military contractors, should remain in the city.

If foreign troops remain in Afghanistan against the Doha agreement, then Taliban leaders will decide appropriately what to do, he said, adding, “In this situation, we will react and the final decision is adopted by leaders of Taliban.”

Noting that Afghan people need the activities of Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) and embassies, Shaheen said that Taliban opposes the continued presence of foreign troops but will not attack diplomats, members of NGOs and other foreign nationals.

Shaheen also described withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan’s Bagram as a historic moment.

Following the withdrawal of US military forces from ‘Bagram’ airbase, near Kabul, and end of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)’s mission in Afghanistan, some reports have been released on the continuation of presence of 1,000 military forces of NATO in Afghanistan, mostly US troops.

The main aim of continued presence of these troops in Afghanistan is to protect embassies of NATO member states and Kabul International Airport.

As Western troops continue to withdraw from Afghanistan, military violence has escalated and Taliban are expanding into areas under their control.

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