• publish: 22 November 2015
  • time: 8:41 pm
  • category: Security&Crime
  • No: 2300

Taliban behind the recent Zabul kidnapping, officials say

Police Chief of southern Zabul province say that Taliban group is behind the recent kidnapping of civilians in the province.

General Mirwais Noorzai said police investigation reveals that Mullah Taqwa, a Taliban commander, is currently holding the hostages kidnapped between Shah Joy District and Qalat, the provincial capital of Zabul, yesterday.

According to Gen. Noorzai, Mullah Taqwa claims that residents of Jaghori District of Ghazni province who are ethnic Hazaras have kidnapped flock of sheep of Taliban.

Mullah Taqwa threatens of not letting the hostages go until their flock of sheep returns, Gen. Noorzai added.

Earlier reports put the number of hostages between 14 to 30 but Gen. Noorzai said kidnappers are currently holding eight hostages.

Taliban have not yet accepted responsibility of the kidnapping.

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