• publish: 4 August 2015
  • time: 11:22 pm
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High Peace Council:

Taliban better to resume peace talks, shun violence

Committee of the High Peace Council (HPC) in Nangarhar province called on the Taliban insurgents to shun violence and restart the peace talks that were halted after death reports of Mullah Omar.

The committee condemned the audio message of the newly appointed Taliban leader, Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansoor, in which he told his fighters to continue insurgency in the country.

Haji Malak Nazir, chief of the high peace committee, said that the Taliban insurgents should resume peace talks with the government. He also raised question that if Mullah Omar was dead then who were sending messages to the media on his behalf for more than two years. He also asked the Taliban insurgents that to whom they were fighting for as Omar was dead.

He called on the Taliban to reintegrate into the civil society and return to Afghanistan if they are true Afghans.  “If you are not true Afghans then continue to shed the bloods of Afghan as many foreigners are eager to kill Afghans brutally,” he said.

Since peace is the only option, Abdul Aziz Khairkhwah, a religious leader, said that the Taliban should prefer peace talks over fighting.

Another religious scholar, Maulvi Abdul Zahir Haqqani, also termed peace talks the sole way to settle dispute.

Soon after the death of Mullah Omar, the supreme leader of the Taliban, the second round of peace talks that was expected to be held in Pakistan was delayed.

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