• publish: 25 March 2021
  • time: 3:59 pm
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Taliban destroys a bridge in Kandahar

The Taliban has destroyed a bridge in the Arghandab district of southern Kandahar province on Wednesday, the Interior Ministry (MoI) said.

Jamal Nasir Barakzai, a spokesperson for the provincial police, told Ariana News that the bridge, located in the Bagh-e-Sarkari area of the district, was blown up after an explosive-loaded truck was detonated over the bridge.

The incident happened at around 1 pm on Wednesday, he said.

Barakzai stated that the blast left no casualties but a part of the bridge, utilized to connect the district with the provincial capital Kandahar city, has completely been destroyed. 

Sediq Sediqqi, Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs for Strategy and Policies, stated: “It is heartbreaking to see how the Taliban are destroying the bridges and roads as well as our human capital.”

The Taliban has not commented in this regard so far.

This comes as clashes are underway in the parts of the province in the past recent months.

The Defense Ministry said at least 19 Taliban militants were killed in the Arghandab and Panjwae districts of the province during 24 past hours as a result of the Afghan Security and Defense Forces (ANDSF) operation.

“Additionally, 3 Taliban were wounded and some amount of their weapons and ammunition were destroyed,” the ministry said.

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