• publish: 31 October 2015
  • time: 8:53 pm
  • category: Politics
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Ahmad Zia Massoud:

“Taliban fights for the interest of Pakistan”

President’s special representative for reforms and good governance, Ahmad Zia Massoud said Saturday that today’s “Taliban are wilder than they were in the past.”

Massoud warned the war in Afghanistan will be prolonged more as he said the Taliban were fighting for the interest of Pakistan.

“Today’s war in Afghanistan is actually Pakistan’s war,” Massoud said. “Taliban is a group that fights for the interests of Pakistan. Therefore this will be a long war in our country.”

Speaking at a gathering held to support media, Massoud opposed the peace talks with the Taliban – which have reached a deadlock after a series of bombings in Kabul and especially when the death of Mullah Omar was revealed.

Calling peace with Taliban unreasonable, Massoud said the process can be an opportunity for realization of Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan.

“This is a war that cannot be ended through peace mechanisms, therefore, we must be ready for a long war,” he noted.

He called Taliban “the servants and wagers of Pakistan.”

Pakistan has long been accused of backing insurgent groups in Afghanistan.

Despite President Ashraf Ghani’s almost nine-month efforts to bring the two states closer, the relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan once again strained following a series of attacks and bombings in Kabul – which the Afghan government blamed on Pakistan’s intelligence agency.

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