• publish: 23 September 2021
  • time: 12:40 pm
  • category: Politics
  • No: 18773

Taliban force residents in Daykundi to leave their lands: Mohaqiq

Mohammad Mohaqiq a prominent hazara figure says Taliban officials in central Daykundi province have forced people in the province to leave their lands.

Taliban officials are forcing people in Daykundi to leave their lands in areas of “Kandir” and “Dahan Nala” in Gizab district in favor of Taliban fans, Mohammad Mohaqiq the former security advisor to ousted Afghan president Ashraf Ghani and leader of Hazb-e-Wahdat Islami Mardom Afghanistan posted on his official Facebook page.

He warned of a humanitarian crisis ahead of winter if the Taliban’s order on people to leave their lands were to happen.

Mohaqiq has also shared two letters claiming to be issued by Taliban officials in which the order has been given and the military commission of the Taliban is tasked in case of any need.

The Taliban officials in Daykundi have given people a few hours to leave the said lands, Mohaqiq added.

“According to information I just received, Taliban say if anyone has objection to the said move, he can refer to the court after he has left the lands. This means that Taliban’s courts issue verdicts first then it proceed with the investigation process.” Mohaqiq said.  

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