• publish: 17 October 2021
  • time: 5:50 pm
  • category: Social
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Taliban guarantee to security of Shiite mosques

A day after ISIS-K killed and wounded over a hundred Shi’ite worshipers in Kandahar province, a Taliban official has said that they themselves will mantain securities of these mosques.

In the meantime, the commander of police (Taliban fighters) of Kandahar province Abdul Ghafar Muhammadi has said that he will deploy more forces to protect Shi’ite mosques in the province.

Abdul Ghafar Muhammadi said that his forces will be working alongside the local volunteers to ensure the security of the mosques.

Islamic State on Saturday, October 16 in a statement warned that they will continue targeting Shi’ite Muslims in Afghanistan and accused them of supporting Iran and other countries against the fighters.

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