• publish: 27 March 2019
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The US ambassador in Kabul:

Taliban informing about Duha peace talks incorrect

The United States has profound respect for Afghan people’s ability to make their own choices and it does not seek to create and impose a settlement on Afghanistan, Washington’s ambassador in Kabul said on Tuesday.

The comments come amid tensions between Washington and Kabul over exclusion of Afghan government from the talks with the Taliban.

Addressing reporters in Kabul, US Ambassador John Bass said that the US is not discussing with the Taliban issues that only Afghans can discuss.

Referring to concerns about prospect of a different security posture and reduction in foreign troops in the country, the diplomat said that the US is trying to reassure Afghans about some of their anxieties.

“For this country to be successful in the future and for the conflict to come to a close, those anxieties and uncertainties, and the questions that create them, the answers to those questions need to come from within society because a durable settlement to this conflict will only come from within Afghanistan with help and support from the United States and our allies and neighboring countries,” Bass said.

“We can’t substitute for those discussions and debate about key issues that have to come from within society,” he added.

The diplomat said that the US goal is a settlement to the conflict that is worthy of the sacrifices made by Afghans and Americans and that protects many of the gains of the last 17 years.

Referring to the latest of round of US-Taliban talks in Doha, Bass said that concerns were created following the talks largely due to misinformation and the Taliban propaganda.

He said that the US is talking to the Taliban about two interconnected issues that directly affect US forces and US policy concerns about the prospect of Afghanistan continuing to be a safe haven for international terrorist organizations.

“We’re not talking to the Taliban about interim governments, we’re not talking to the Taliban about issues related to the current Afghan constitution and the current structure of government,” Bass said.

He said that the US is focused on ensuring that wider Afghan society including representatives of the government can take advantage of the opportunity for talks in the middle of April in Doha.

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