• publish: 21 September 2021
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Taliban introduced the rest of its Cabinet members

Taliban on Tuesday introduced the remaining members of its cabinet, claiming proficiency and inclusiveness is highly considered.

Zabihullah Mujahid a spokesperson for the Taliban group told media on Tuesday that the group has introduced the remaining members of its cabinet in which proficiency and inclusiveness of the newly-appointed persons is highly considered.

According to Mujahid, “Ghalandar Ebad” hailing from mostly Tajik ethnicity dominated Panjshir has been replaced with Mr. Wahid Majruh in the ministry of public health.

Mohammad hassan Qiasi a Hazara figure is appointed as deputy to Ebad in the ministry.  

Taliban has appointed “Nuruddin Azizi” as the new acting minister for ministry of trade and industry. “Haji Muhammad Bashir” and “Mohammad Azim Sultan Zada” will also serve as his deputies in the ministry.

According to Mujahid, himself being a spokesperson and deputy to the ministry of Information and Culture, some other new appointees are as follows:

Nazar Mohammad Motmaen as the new acting director for Afghan National Olympic Committee, Mohammad Faqir as new acting director for Central National Statistic and Information Authority, Najibuall as the acting director for Afghanistan Atomic Energy Organization, Mulla Mohammad Ibrahim as security deputy to acting minister of interior,   Lutfulla Khair Khah as deputy to ministry of higher education, Mohammad Gul and Gul Zarin Kuchi respectively as first and second deputies to the ministry of borders and tribe, Mujiburahman as deputy to ministry of energy and water.

Taliban had previously introduced its interim government and its cabinet members on September 7 and that no non-Taliban members were included in the list, yet the group insisted the interim government is inclusive as it has representatives from different ethnicities.    

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