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Taliban kill Amrullah Saleh’s brother in Panjshir

His relatives confirm the news and have added that Rohullah Azizi was executed by the Taliban fighters and his body was not given to them.

Taliban has denied the news and has said that Azizi was killed during a conflict with them.

This is the second family member of the resistance front’s leaders who loses his life in Panjshir province.

Earlier, Commander Abdul Wodood, the nephew of slain Ahmad Shah Masoud was killed along with the spokesperson of the front Fahim Dashti.

Taliban has denied killing both and had added that they were killed in the intra-resistance front fight.

Panjshir province in the northeast of Kabul was the last holdout which was captured by the Taliban last week but fighting is still going on in some parts of the province.

Officials in the resistance front claim to have taken some areas back from the Taliban but the latter has not commented on the issue yet.